Thursday, April 18, 2019
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‘Shanta statement’ – Perhaps making room for preffered ‘Gaddi’ candidate@Kangra

Surprisingly near oncoming polls veteran leaders of political parties come out with statements that upset the ongoing planning of the parties forcing about major...

Vol 2 Issue 28

Vol 2 Issue 25

780MW Jangi-Thopan-Powari allocated to SJVN

Government of Himachal Pradesh allotted 780 MW Jangi-Thopan- Powari Hydro Electric Project in District Kinnaur to SJVN Limited. In the letter of allotment issued...

Vol 2 Issue 14

‘Simla’ a Brit marvel- Say voices of dissent

A couple of days after the state government nodded to consider the move to change the name ‘Shimla’ to Shyamala’ has triggered a row...

Vol 2 Issue 9

Vol 2 Issue 2

Vol 2 Issue 1

Dissemblance exhibiting teacher profiles

In 2016 the state court had ordered all the academic establishments of the state to noticeably mention names and bio-data with expertise etc for...