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Shimla, Jun 26
Britisher Era 170 yrs old Sanjauli Dhalli tunnel which is about 150 metre in length would be extended double lane under Smart City Mission. A consultation process is being conducted by the Superintendent Engineer of Himachal Pradesh Road and Infrastructure Development Corporation(HPRIDCL) with the stakeholders of the town today.
SE R K Shridhar of HPRIDCL said that high quality techniques will be used to build the  two way 150 meter traffic tunnel. Double lane would facilitate the people to rid of traffic jam and also save their time. The tunnel would help the commuters to walk on foot and also make it easier to lay power and communication span and water pipes inside it.

Austrian techniques are to be employed for the construction of tunnel and Jio data group was appointed management advisor for the construction of tunnel, he added. The group had played important role in construction of Metro and road project in Delhi, Bangalore and Rishikesh town.

Since Dhalli tunnel has number of buildings above it therefore special technique in construction of this project will be used to avoid damage to the already buildup structures. Deputy Mayor of Shimla Shailender Chauhan and SE of HPRIDCL said that assistance of local people is necessary to built the parallel traffic highway tunnel.
This Tunnel was constructed in 1852 by the Britishers.

The increasing population, traffic load and number of tourists recall for extension of this tunnel and global tendering process for the same is likely to be completed shortly and project is likely to be completed by 2022.


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