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Ritanjali Hastir/Shimla

As the entire nation face the hardship of lock-down even the local residents especially the migrant labour class  are facing the brunt. In the absence of work and no source of income, they all are depending upon the aid from the local authorities and other charitable trusts.

It has been learned that most of these people were working with various contractors and were dependent upon them for their two – square meals. Most of them are not in a position to return to their native places and especially when the contractors too have given up on them; their lives have gone for a toss with uncertainty shrouding their future. Most volunteer groups working in city for supply of rations to the poor and needy also confirm that many help-calls received by them everyday are from migrant labourers, who have not received any help from their contractor.

As shared by Vijender one of the labourer from Bijnor, UP,  living in Panthaghati of Shimla “We are 13 people living in a single room that was provided to us by our Thekedar. Since the curfew he has not visited us even once and when we call him all he says is he is trying to arrange for the vehicle to send us back home.”

He and his fellow workers are paid meager (just Rs. 400 per day) as the contractor had made a deal to provide them with food and shelter apart from daily wages. In the absence of money ironically the hardworking men that took the responsibility to provide for their families are forced to turn into beggars and seek alms from other people.

The issue has been brought to the notice of Labour Commissioner, S.S.Guleria who assured that his men are actively working in the field and if such cases are found they will be provided with the best possible help. As for the contractors, they will be taken to task as soon as they are identified.


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the positive impact of your effort as within 24 hours, the law officers called back to inform that the effected people have been provided with their due right by the contractors and if was because of Himachalscape that law officers were able to identify such people and help them.


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