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Shimla Dec 28

The Adani Cement has again justified the unilateral hike of cement price while blaming transporters for closure of Ambuja and ACC plants.

In Himachal Pradesh two major cement plants which were taken over by Adani Cement during the last BJP government are continuing to suspend production. The Corporate house decided to increase the price of cement  without taking consent of the state government, which started this rift.

A unsigned statement issued by Adani Corporate laison, here, again tried to blame the transporters for hike in cement prices. Statement said it is due the non-cooperation of transporters, the problems of dealers that it has increased price and also closed the cement plants. They added that, the Ambuja and ACC, part of Adani Cement, are making serious efforts to resolve the issue of closure of two plants in Himachal Pradesh.

“Management is seeking cooperation from all stakeholders including transport unions to resolve these issues amicably,” they stated. However, the company is deeply saddened by the situation arising out of the stubborn stand of the truck unions, they alleged.

The cost of cement is very high for the people of Himachal as compared to neighboring states due to high transportation costs. The ultimate benefit of fair transport pricing would be for the people of Himachal Pradesh who would get cement bags at a lower cost, justified the big corporate.

Due to this stalemate, the livelihood of cement dealers dependent on these two plants has been badly affected. Similarly, several businesses dependent on the two plants have also been affected. To highlight their plight, several dealers have appealed to the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu for saving their businesses from closure.The dealers have written a letter to the Chief Minister stating that not only cement companies but businesses and industries across the state are suffering due to the exorbitant commodity prices.

The dealers demanded that as a business entity, they should be able to operate in the free market. What is more unfortunate is that the local transport unions do not allow other transporters to work at competitive rates. This is against the spirit of the free market.

Streamlining the transport value chain is important for the business and livelihood of the people of Himachal Pradesh,  maintained the Adani PR team. It is worthwhile to mention here that the State government has issued notice to Adani Cement to immediately restore operations of cement production.

Local MLA Sanjay Awasthi said that after holding talks, the goverment has asked the cement management that if it could not run the present plants under prevailing MoUs conditions and its operations are not possible, then Why should the Goverment not cancel the existing lease of both plants site to further allot it to another Corporate house.

Noteworthy, that after three rounds of talks, the stalemate continues, between Adani and workers trade union and plants displaced Transport unions.

Department of Industry has already issued notice to Cement plants for hiking prices without informing and taking consent of Goverment. It is worthwhile to mention that cement plants was taken over by the Corporate house to tune of Rs 82000 crore during the past BJP government. These cement plants are located in Bilaspur and Arki Assembly Constituency.

Earlier, the Sukhu Governmet had snapped all Goverment project supplies from Adani plants and handed over the contract to Ultra Tech Cement Bagha for state government schemes and projects.


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