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Shimla, Feb 4
The Sukhu government succeeded to defer the state-wide truck operators ‘chakajam’ which was to be held on Saturday. A government spokesperson said that Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu held a deliberation with various truck operators to end the 51 days old stand-off between Adani Cement and Ambuja and Darlaghat Truckkers unions.
In a late late evening press release it was informed that to resolve the ongoing dispute between the cement company and truck operators regarding freight rates, a meeting was held late Friday evening, with representatives of various truck operator unions under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu.  The MLAs from Bilaspur district also participated in the meeting.
The Chief Minister said that the state government clearly believes that this deadlock should be resolved through a universal solution.  He said that the government is of the opinion that work should start in the factory and the future of the employees, including truck operators should also be secured.  He said that now, the state government will discuss with the factory management on the fare rates proposed by the unions.  For this, he instructed the officials of the concerned departments to hold talks with the factory management within two days.
The representatives of truck operators appreciated the efforts of the state government.  They said that every possible cooperation will be given by the unions to the government.  In the meeting B.D.T.S.  Barmana, Solan District Truck Operator, Baghal Landholders, Golden Land Losers, Ambuja Dadla Kaslog Mangu, Kurgan Land Losers and Mining Land Losers, participated.
Industries Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan, Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi, MLAs Indra Dutt Lakhanpal, Rajesh Dharmani, Randhir Sharma, J.R. Katwal, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Bharat Kheda, Principal Secretary Transport R.D.  Nazim, Director Industries Rakesh Prajapati and Director Transport Anupam Kashyap and other senior officials were present.


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