Braving heavy snow to perform duties, CM to confer citation on six HPSEB employees
Shimla, Jan 22
When the entire state is grooping in darkness and is by the fireplace, six employees of the State electricity board were witnessed braving and matching heavy snow for performing their duties honestly, while restoring power supply for citizens.
Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu was also amazed to see the adventurous, and dedicated employees, has decided to confer citation to them. A state government officials shared this rare Video and information with us. He said that the Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu appreciated the six personnel who restored power supply in the snow by giving them citations.


IIt so happened that in the remote area of ​​Dodra Kwar in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, six power department personnel walked through heavy snow to restore power supply at the Chanshal pass.
On this action, a worker of the Electricity Department made a video and SDM Vishwa Chauhan posted the said video on his Facebook page.  By watching the video one can imagine how difficult it was to walk and do the job.
This video then slowly started going viral and also reached the CM office.  When the CM  saw  the video, immediately decided to give citations to these six employees by asking for their names.  Citations to be offered to JE Shamsher Singh Thakur, Rambar Singh line man, Bhagwan Singh assistant line man, Jachpan, Madhan Singh and Chandra Veer of HPSEB.   The work of SDM Dodra Quar Vishwa Chauhan has also been appreciated.


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