A man recovered from COVID 19 tested positive again for the infection in Himachal Pradesh, stated officials.                

According to available information, his tests were negative for the first time on April 10. Thereafter he was declared cured according to protocol after tested negative for the second time on April 12, subsequently released from the RPGMC and was kept in institutional quarantine.
However, the man tested positive again,  and with it the total number of active cases in the hill state has increased to 23 out of the total 39 positive cases.
Patients retesting positive is still a concern around the world, including in countries like South Korea where authorities appear to have brought the outbreak under control.
Reports suggest there is still a lot scientists don’t know about the virus, including the issue of naturally acquired immunity.
Though unverified but for now, the most likely explanation of why people are retesting positive seems that the test is picking up remnants of the virus.
The same theory was informed by one of China’s top respiratory experts, Zhong Nanshan. In a press conference reported by another media earlier this week, he had said that a recovered person can test positive because fragments of the disease remained in their body.
However a official reasoning of the same is awaited here at the hill state.


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