Shimla, January 6

Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu had transpired with Congress high command to constitue council of ministers as ten ministers are likely to be inducted in the new Goverment soon. The Rajbhavan likely to be doned for inducting remaining members of COM which may be held tomorrow.

Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajinder Vishavnath Arhlekar who is expected to go one ten days long holiday till 15th January now deffered the leave untill January 8.

Earlier, Sukhu went to Delhi to discuss the name of his council of ministers. Poltical commentators state that with Election of speaker Kuldeep Pathiana on January 4, now seven to eight Ministers could be inducted immediately.

Among those who are likely to be sworn in are Chander Kumar, Harashvardhan Chauhan, Rajesh Dharmani, Sunder Singh Thakur, Jagat Singh Negi, Sudhir Sharma and Vikramaditya Singh.

There are three contender from Minister berth from Solan district including Dhani Ram Shandil, Ram Kumar and Sanjay Swasthi and one or two of them could be inducted.

In Shimla district Rohit Thakur, Anirudh Singh and Kuldeep Rathore are remaining contenders. Kuldeep Singh Rathore may be inducted Deputy Speaker or Minister.

Shimla district likely to get one berth in the COM. It was expected that eight Minister could be inducted or remaining two berths likely to be filled in future. Now there are a total ten vacant positions in COMs.

Besides, there could be three more cabinet rank induction in the government which includes Deputy Speaker, Chief whip and Deputy Chief whip. The Sukhu Goverment has no danger and chance of any pressure or lobbying in the legislative party.

It has been excepted that it induction of council of ministers happen by afternoon tomorrow the COM may meet on January 8 for taking decisions on OPS and ten gaurantee.

Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government took almost one month to prepare cabinet draft for OPS for which about 1.20 lakh employees would be benificiary. Meanwhile, Sukhu has denotifed about 900 Institutions including 280 hospital and equal schools which were upgraded and opened up by previous BJP government in last nine months of its rule. Sukhu government stated that it is not ready to carry forward the burden or legacy of Rs 5000 Cr likely to open number of Institutions as pouplistic measure by previous Jai Ram Thakur Government.

Deputy Chief minister Mukesh Agnihotri had already attacked former Jai Ram Thakur Government for taking whooping loans tunes to Rs 35000 Cr in last five years. How could Goverment move on same path with similar pouplistic measure by opting OPS and loans all together.


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