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June 25, 2020

The worry of Chief Minister JaiRam Thakur about rising cases in Himachal Pradesh need to draw more attention, as data reflects that in 15 days the state has recorded a  62 percent spike in cases per day average for a fortnight.

Attribute mostly to residents coming back from other high loaded virus cities, the state is witnessing a sharp spike in COVID-19 positive cases. Drawn from data provided by government, between June 10 till June 24 (last 15 days), 361 fresh nCov cases have been confirmed across the state. This is an average of 24.06 positive cases per day in a fortnight. Comparing it with the previous 15 days from May 26 to June 9, a total of  222 were recorded cases in the period. It was an average of 14.8 cases per day. This amounts to a growth of a little more than 62 percent in cases per day average for a fortnight between June 10 to June 24.

Also evidently showcasing the surge, cases in the state have doubled in 18 days. Earlier doubling of cases was reported to be little more than 20 days.  Wherein on June 6, the total cases were 400 in the state. The same reached up to 806 on June 24.

The highest numbers of cases are being recorded from four districts. Hamirpur is topping the chart at 221, Kangra follows close behind at 211, hereafter Una is at 99 and fourth-highest Solan has 84 cases (Figures evaluated till June 24, 2020). Together these four districts contribute approximately 77 percent of the total cases in the state.  In the fortnight Hamirpur averaged 6.6 cases per day, Kangra 6.4 cases, behind Solan at 3.33 cases per day average and Una at 3 cases per day average. Hamirpur recorded 99 new cases. Kangra 96, Una witnessed 45 cases and Solan registered 50 fresh cases in these 15 days.


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