Local women performing in the Pin valley of Spiti, as pert of the 80 day long snow fest. Photo used for indicative purpose only.

Shimla, Feb 16

Ice Skating in Spiti not just has guided high expectations for the young nearby, yet in an extremely brief time frame the tribals have figured out how to innovate with it. In a one of a kind show, ladies of Spiti were seen moving on ice, on their local music. During the ongoing snow festival at Kaza, local girls wearing traditional dresses on skates displayed a local dance, in an elegant style.

Dancing on Ice though as a sport, involves a lot skating skill; however this one showcased by the ladies in Kaza town, was only a first step to innovation. None could have thought a couple years before, that a day will arrive, when a dance like this one could be exhibited on an Ice skating rink in Kaza town.

The Ice skating arena in Kaza came up a year ago after energetic endeavors of the local authorities here. The arena is made up to global hockey guidelines with measurements 31mx61m. At 3720m it is perhaps the highest natural ice skating rink in the world.

This year’s snow festival in Lahaul & Spiti will mark the longest celebration of the spirit of cultural reunion in the valley. The entire region is abuzz with festivities soaked in cultural diversities revisiting some of their forgotten traditions, since a little more than 3 weeks now.

“Initially, we proposed, that the snow festival be a two-month-long activity but looking at the enthusiasm, response and excitement, it has been decided to make it an 80-day event. We have restricted it to the locals right now in order to see how things work, however, there is a wider objective to host the snow festival as the biggest world tourist attraction in the snow captivating paradise of Lahaul-Spiti next year”, stated Pankaj Rai, Deputy Commissioner in a media.


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