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In the matter of death of the 70 year women at PGI Chandigarh Deputy Commissioner Solan KC Chaman stated the women died in PGI Chandigarh due to corona Virus. He said that the lady was wife of one of the director of the company Steel Bird enterprises and had traveled from Delhi to Baddi alongwith three other families. “ As per first information these people were housed in the company guest house and they did not leave the premises during their period of stay. Neither did they have any foreign travel history, he added. Chaman stated that on March 31 the deceased lady went to Brooklyn hospital for check up of a 5 to 7 days old fever. The hospital authorities after prescribing medicine, advised both the senior citizens to home quarantine. However on April 2, at around 11 AM the lady was again taken to hospital, where after an x-ray she was referred to PGI Chandigarh.

The Commissioner added that information of all people who had come in contact with the deceased lady is being collected and they are being moved to isolation or home quarantine (As advised by experts). Besides the private hospitals she visited (Brooklyn and Gupta hospital), where the lady was X-rayed have been completely quarantined.

The other three families accompanied by the couple were founder Director of the company and his wife aged 74, and 70 years respectively. Another KL Dhall and Chanchal Dhall and Shukla Sehgal aged 75 years. Alongwith 9 other employees and supporting staff of the company have been identified and quarantined.

Reportedly on March 30 Subhash kapoor and his wife Lalita Kapoor came to the hospital with high grade fever , medicines were given and they were advised home quarantine at Steel bird guest house. Thereafter on March 31 PL Dhall and deceased Snehlata came to the hospital and were also advised home quarantine.

Besides driver of the ambulance, a nurse of the hospital has been identified as primary contact and is put under isolation at Boorklyn hospital itself. Two outsiders who had visited the factory between March 20-21 and had stayed there are identified. Other contacts in Hill view society, Brotiwala are also being ascertained who had gone for treatment at Brooklyn hospital in the period.

As per Superintendent of Police Solan though the written report of deceased is awaited but that she died because of corona virus has been ascertained orally by CHC Nalagarh.

In wake of the incidence, the entire Jharmajri industrial area and Jharmajri Chownk to Hill view society as well as towards Hill top has been completely sealed and no ingress/egress of any person or vehicle, except official shall be allowed here. As per an order by Deputy Commissioner no relaxation in curfew shall be allowed to any shop/bank within this entire area.

Read the order by DC solan:


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