Dhawala says, agriculture not appealing younger generation

Shimla, Sept. 10
Senior BJP Legislator and former minister stated in the state assembly that despite having greater potential the youth of this hill state are not not appealing to the Agriculture as they could offer greater self- employment avenues to them.
BJP Member OF Jawalumukhi Mr Ramesh Chand Dhawala has moved a resolution in the state assembly under rule 130 to discuss the issue of employment generation through enhancement of agriculture investment. Dhawala is also the Vice-chairman of the State Planning Board.
Introducing the resolution member said that unfortunate young are unwilling to practice agriculture and were moving to other states seeking jobs.
The Covid pandemic forced many of them to return home and the state government needs to identify their skills and accordingly encourage them to earn livelihoods through primary sector activities such as agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming and allied fields.
He said that youth who returned home after rendering job losses growing the
vegetables in home kitchen garden and in the fields and selling them in the points of sale in outside the road and in small markets.
He said that adequate guidance is not being provided to farmers to raise their inputs and income, and greenhouses built by farmers using state subsidy have collapsed at many places due to sub-standard material, forcing farmers to sell them as scrap.
Joining the issue, Congress MLA from Shri NainaDevi Thakur Ram Lal said that besides the apple-growing areas in the mid and high hills, agriculture officials must also pay attention
to lower Himachal.


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