Shimla, April 10 – Former Deputy Mayor urges CM to utilize land vested with State under benami deals

Tikender Singh Panwar, former deputy Mayor of Shimla and a social activist, has written a letter to the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Shri Sukhvinder Singh, requesting his intervention in utilizing the land that was involved in two major benami deals in Shimla district.


In his letter, Tikender Singh Panwar highlighted two deals, the purchase of Himalayan International School in Charabra and the acquisition of land near Taradevi, which he had challenged in the High Court on the basis of a benami transaction. The court had directed the then Deputy Commissioner of Shimla to implement the law of the land, and both the school and the land near Taradevi now vests in the name of the state government of Himachal Pradesh.

Tikender Singh Panwar has requested the Chief Minister to utilize the land for the betterment of the people and the state. He suggested that the school in Charabra, which is now under the state government, could be used for opening a boarding school in the district. Similarly, he suggested that the land near Taradevi could be used for social housing in the city, to provide affordable housing to people.

Tikender Singh Panwar’s efforts in challenging the benami transactions and ensuring that the law was implemented in these cases have been widely appreciated by many. His letter to the Chief Minister has been discussed in various circles and is expected to lead to further action to utilize the land in the best interests of the people and the state.



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