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Shimla, Apr 19

Putting the ruling govt of his own party in the docks once again BJP stalwart and former two times Chief Minister Shanta Kumar stated that,”’ Today the Covid onslaught is spreading across the country however it is unfortunate that more responsibility for its spread this time, comes on the shoulders of the Government(s) and politicians.” Even common people are also responsible for it, but only up to an extent, he added.

Kumar’s media statement on Saturday again created ripples in the political domains as after authoring his biography and not sparing his own party rule, now once again he has put the Modi-Shah Government in docks. Kumar who is known for speaking bitter truth stated that including Government, political leaders are spreading the Covid pandemic and are mostly responsible for the outcome.

He said that in the ongoing election process, during the last 15 days, the pandemic has infested Bengal 5 times more. Besides even other poll bound states are also reporting a similar increase in number of cases.

BJP Leader who quit the public life in 2019 Lok Sabha election stated that in a situation where everyone’s life is at stake, all modesties (mayadaein) could have been done away with. Even all such traditions like the ‘Kumbh’ could have been averted, he suggested.

When it was quite clear that pandemic could spread in the Hindu Congregation ‘Kumbh’ there was no need to organise it,  Kumar stated while putting the blame on his party government for the deliberate attempt of risking public lives.

“Thousands of people bathing together, the infection is bound to increase, he added. Similarly, thousands of devotees visiting temples, will undoubtedly increase the spread multifold, remarked the former CM.

” If all religious and political activities would have been banned during pandemic, it could give great respite to people. ” he observed adding that economic activities should have been allowed to an extent however  religious and political functions should have been stopped.

Advising Jai Ram Thakur who continues his political engagements and events, former BJP leader said that Chief minister should ensure that no leaders should be allowed to visit the state in this time.

” They could perform their duties/rallies from offices virtually. The lives of people are important thus no one could be allowed to breach the norms. He also suggested imposing heavy fines on such violations to check negligence.

Pertinent to mention the former CM has been a Covid victim and also lost his wife due to it. Currently, even former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, tested positive for the COVID is also hospitalized in a private hospital at Mohali.


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