‘Hatti’ farmers in H.P demand ‘GI’ tagging of unique ginger powder produce

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Shimla, Feb 10

Farmers of’ Hatti’ area of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh are demanding to get  Geographical Indication (GI) tag and registration for the unique Ginger Powder producing technique of the area. They said that the state must complete for the Turmeric powder’s GI registration based on it’s special extraction and formulation technique, which is centuries old.

In a letter to Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University Palampur convener of Hatti Farmers Union Kundan Singh said that Ginger Powder of ‘Bella Valley’ in Shillai Subdivision of Sirmaur district has heavy demand in the Asian market. It is due to the special extraction and formulation technique which was traditionally preserved since centuries, he informed.

What is GI tagging?

A geographical indication or GI is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Geographical Indications are part of the intellectual property rights that comes under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. In India, Geographical Indications registration is administered by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act of 1999. Geographical indications are typically used for agricultural products, foodstuffs, wine and spirit drinks, handicrafts, and industrial products.

About Bella valley

Bella Valley has very high Ginger productivity and its fragrant Ginger Powder requires protection. The unique fragrance and scent of Bella Valley ginger powder had very high demand in Asian spice markets today, but if it is not encouraged then soon it shall be buried in history book, like many other ancient techniques, the farmers lamented. Besides, even branding of Ginger Powder is the need of hour to increase the income of farmers, he added.

More than hundred villages of ‘Giripar’ area are engaged in the production of Ginger. They also produce high quality Ginger Powder in their households units preserving this practice for centuries. These few selected village still are working with traditional vocation of grading, manufacturing and packaging Ginger Powder, which requires protection through a new legislation and Protection of GI indicators, he said. Subject matter expert and scientific research of this old practice could help the ‘ryots’ to give a new trade mark registration which would increase their income and provide them global business.

Efforts already made by farmers of area

He said that Dhaulakuna Agriculture Centre of University has been contacted by the farmers several times to help them for facilitation on the issue. It is pertinent to get scientific support as the objective cannot be achieved without their intervention, he informed. The matter was under the consideration with former Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University S K Gupta however after his superannuation is laying pending.

Indian Turmeric powder Chinopodium (Bathu) has earned world brand status as Indian Scientists achieved its medicinal patent in early seventies of last century.

Rajgarh and Shillai Subdivision of Sirmaur district also famous for Garlic production. ‘Chulai’ and ‘Bathu’ are others crops which are grown in the district.


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