Shimla, Sep 30

Seven Story Building collapsed at Ghoda chowki near Hali Palace in the capital city this evening at 1745 after heavy rainfall in the last 24 hrs. No loss of life was reported but other buildings in the vicinity have been evacuated.State Emergency Operation center spokesperson Sudhesh Mokata said that building belongs to owner of Shere Punjab Restaurant in Kachighatti.

A video became viral after this mishap in social media showing the building capsizing down and embarking the foundation of two buildings behind it.

Police source said that building was already vacated soon after its foundation started caving in due to yesterday’s rainfall however the belongings of the residents also damaged in the mishap.

The eyewitnesses said that few moments back of this incident window pans of theu bilding started shattering earlier nobody was inside but as per I formation could not even take out belongings.

Another small building which belonged to another Mr Bhat was also knocked down under the impact of the seven story building.

Near the spot. Officials of district administration,  fire, home guard and police rushed to the spot.

During the monsoon season as many as 58 Pucca and 126 Kaccha houses and 741 cow sheds were

completely damaged in the rainfall and 125 pucca and 144 Kaccha houses were partly damaged in

the state, he said.


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