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Himachal Pradesh Shifts to Universal Cartons and Weight-Based Sales for Apple/Fruits

Shimla, April 7

The government of Himachal Pradesh has issued a notification to end exploitative practices in the fruit market and ensure fair prices for apple growers and fruit producers. The new marketing regime, which comes into effect from April 6, 2023, requires all fruits including apple to be sold by weight in standard size and weight universal cartons. This will prevent middlemen and commission agents from forcing growers to supply oversized and overweight apple cartons.
According to the notification issued by the State Secretary of Agriculture, all produce should be sold by weight in all markets of Himachal Pradesh. All market functionaries, traders, sellers, buyers, and commission agents registered under the Himachal Pradesh Agricultural and Horticultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act, 2005, should observe this notification.
Under the new norms, apples and similar fruits should be sold by weight in all markets in the market area. The sellers would bring apple and similar fruits to be packed in universal cartons, telescopic cartons, crates, etc. However, the weight in each box should be at most 24 Kg. in any case. The seller should have to indicate the proper weight of the apple and similar fruits on the carton or box with a permanent marker.
In case of any dispute concerning weight, a sub-committee consisting of the seller, buyer, commission agent, and APMC’s representative should weigh the sample(s) on APMC’s weighing machine, and the weight so arrived shall be considered final and conclusive.
All new licenses, renewals of licenses, and allocation of space in the yard would be subject to the condition that trade will be undertaken only on a weight basis. The instructions will be implemented in letter and spirit in all APMCs. They should ensure an adequate number of weighing machines in their yards.
This new marketing regime will help protect the interests of small and marginal orchardists seeking fair and transparent market practices. By ending exploitative practices in the fruit market, the government of Himachal Pradesh is taking steps to promote fair competition and ensure that all growers and producers receive reasonable prices for their products.


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