Shimla, Dec 1
State of Himachal Pradesh received deficient post Monsoon rainfall during cumulative period from Nov 1 to Nov 30, 2021. As per data minus 95 percent (deficient) rain was recorded in the state in the month of November, disclosed the Indian Meteorological department disclosed here.
There was only one spell of rainfall in this month on 2nd of November. During this month , cumulative 79.4 mm rain or Snowfall was recorded in Himachal, which is minus 95 per cent below than normal rainfall. District Chamba , Kullu , and Kinnaur received Normal rainfall  while it is mainly dry and large deficient in the rest of state.
Chief Amount of rain was  recorded on Nov 3, at Bharmaur ( Chamba )  8.2 mm & Saloni  6.4 mm , Chhatrari 6.3 mm  Udaipur ( Lahul – Spiti ) 3.2 mm , Kandaghat ( Solan )  3.2 mm , BBMB ( Bilaspur ) three mm. Around 1.54 cm snowfall  recorded on Nov. 2 at Koksar ( Lahaul-Spiti ) .
Nov 30 was the coldest night in Keylong as Minimum temperature recorded minus 4.3 degrees and Highest Maximum temperature was 30.5 degrees on Nov 1 at Una.
In the period of 2005 to 2020, rainfall has mostly remained below normal. It was only in 2009, 2018, 2019 and 2020 that rain was recorded in access. Highest being in 2019, when 142 pc in access rain was recorded.


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