Shimla, Jul 11
The controversy of a letter allegedly accusing BJP cabinet member of state and a woman party leader is yet to be sorted out, when another of Himachal Pradesh BJP Mahila Morcha workers verbal fight recording hits the social media indicating a fierce battle between two office bearers threatening each other.
The audio clipping which perhaps was recorded by one of the two women is making rounds in the social media as the duo were shouting and fighting with each other during one of the meetings.  The voices of the quarreling woman is clearly audible and can be identified easily.
This clipping hit the social media at the time when BJP National president and member of Rajya Sabha J P Nadda was in the state recently however it is not clear from the clipping that when did this verbal duet take place.
The clipping shows a woman purportedly accusing another BJP Mahila Morcha office bearers to pay for the party posts which she is holding.
Some other women of ruling BJP were also pacifying the fight but the two kept on shouting on each other loudly.
One of woman is also being heard stating in the clipping that she has recorded the conversation which she would make viral to expose the other.
This reflects the state of affairs in the party front which is considered most disciplined in public spheres.
Ruling party women office bearers have exposed sharp fault-lines clearly visible in the state and the district unit.
The right wing party has opened its gate to attract woman of other political outfits without bothering about their past ideological affiliations, which some times lead to such chaotic situations.
It is worthwhile to mention that a letter was also made viral and public by some one (indicating
parties workers) allegedly accusing party’s own cabinet minister and a senior woman leader for
alleged having illicit relations which was currently being investigates by a state agency.
There are report that hard disk of a gadget was seized by the state cyber wings where this letter
originate indicating involvement of party own workers.


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