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Shimla, Mar 6
Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission notify a new amended supply Code  related to issuing of new meters, bills, early and time bound compliance of power connection, payment of bills to senior citizens and physically challenged citizens,  at their door steps.
A notification issued by the Chief Engineer of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ram Prakash said that for the new connection the application should be accompanied along mandatory test report , two documents , namely ( 1 ) identity proof ( ie Passport , Aadhar Card , voter card etc. ) of the applicant ;  and (2) proof of applicant’s ownership or occupancy over the premises for which new connection is being sought.  For new connections  there would no requirement of NOC from any authority.
However  for the new connections covered under two part tariff , existing provision of releasing Temporary Supply connection without NOC and regularization of the same on production of NOC shall remain applicable.The notification also provide the timelines for release of connection after completion of all Codal formalities.
The payment of bills etc. to the senior citizens and physically challenged citizens, covered under single part tariff, at their door steps.
Board depute its officials to visit the premises of such citizen within two days in case of urban area and within five days in case of rural area, after ascertaining the convenience of such citizen about the time of visit to his / her premises.
The bills to the consumers based on actual meter reading for the electricity supplied on 6 th (day) of  every billing cycle and all the consumers will effect payments to the licensee within the time.
Board may issue the bills to domestic consumers on the average consumption for maximum of two consecutive cycles . In case , the average bills are issued on average consumption basis for more than two consecutive cycles , the consumer shall not be responsible for making payment.
The Tariff for each category of consumers shall be displayed on board website and consumers shall be notified the changes in tariff(s) and other charges through licensee’s website , within seven days from the date of such tariff order(s) of the Commission.
In case of smart meters , the meters shall be read remotely at least once in every month and in case of other pre – payment meters , the meters should be read by an authorized representative of the licensee at least once in every three months .
The data regarding energy consumption shall be made available to the consumer, through website or mobile App or SMS , etc.
Consumers having smart prepayment meters may also be given the data access for checking their consumption on real time basis .
For post payment meters , in case of connection covered under single part tariff , if the meter is inaccessible to the meter reader on two consecutive meter reading dates , the consumer shall have the option to send the picture of the meter Indicating the meter reading and date of meter reading through registered mobile number or through e – mail . In such a case, board may not send any notice or provisional bill to the consumer. Board shall also take steps to shift the meter to a suitable place so that it remains accessible for taking the meter reading and the consumer shall also cooperate.
 Code  also ensure for delivery of bills adopt the fastest , cost effective , reliable and assured mode including the electronic mode like e – mail .
Soon after sending the bill , intimation in this regard shall also be sent through SMS etc.
In case of domestic consumers the bills are generated through spot billing , the bills shall be delivered by hand and shall , the intimation also be given to the consumer through SMS or email or both. In cases where spot billing is not done, the bills shall be delivered by hand or by post.
   In case of pre – payment metering , the licensee shall issue the bill , to the consumer on his or her request and the licensee shall make available on its website , the bill showing the deposits made .
 The billing details of one year for all categories of consumers shall be made available on the licensee’s website .
The board would establish online portal as well as sufficient number of collection centers at suitable locations with necessary facilities where consumer can deposit the billed amount with ease.
In addition , the licensee shall also provide drop boxes at suitable locations separately for each sub- division where the consumers having bills upto Rupees five thousand , can drop Checks / Bank Drafts towards payment of their bills .
The Bills amounting to more than Rupees five thousand shall be paid online or in case of domestic consumers, by depositing local check at the collection centres. However , in exceptional cases for rural areas , the in – charge of concerned sub – division may accept the payment in cash upto an amount of Rupees seven thousand .
The  advance payment , after adjusting the dues already billed to him , exceeds Rupees three thousand , the rebate shall be allowed at the rate of Rupees ten for every amount of rupees one thousand , or part thereof , subject to the condition that the total amount of rebate for any such advance payment shall not exceed Rupees fifty.


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