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Shimla, Sep 22
Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital Shimla have announced to expand the number of diagnostic tests in the Emergency lab of the institution, available 24×7 basis.
Principal of IGMC Dr Surinder Singh said in a notification issued on Sep 16, 2021 that  IGMC emergency lab of the institution has been upgraded for 53 more type of diagnostic tests.
Dr J S Chahal would be officer incharge of this lab in the hospital to be available at room number -101 opposite to blood bank. All the consultants and  resident doctors working in the hospital would now send samples of patient (indoor and emergency ) in this lab.
He said that lab investigations of the institution would be open round the clock and it would stop the dependence on the outsourced labs and could be rationalized accordingly.
Including True Nat For Covid -19, lab would offer investigation of UIBC, Iron profile, D-dimer, Fibrinogen Partial Thromboplastin (APTT), Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR), Ferritin, HbAlc, ADA, Lipase  GGT, ABG, AMI(Trop, Ck-MB, NT Pro-BNP, Myoglobin), Hs. C Trop-1 (HS Tn1) Procalciton -in(PCT) Ionized Calcium (iCa2+), Lithium , Magnesium , Phosphorous , CK NAC , C. Trop T , NT pro-BNP, Microalbumin, Hs CRP, Hs CRP,S Electrolytes(Sodium Potassium Chloride), Hb ESR, CBC, DLC, PT/INR, S-Sugar, S. Creatinine, S. Bilirubin(T & D) , ALP, S. T. Protein, S . Albumin, S-Calcium, Potassium and Sodium) S -LDH, S-Amylase, S-Uric acid, Lipid profile, S. Cholesterol, HBsAg(CT), HCAg( CT), HIV (Rapid test) Rheumatoid Factor(RA/RAF) , Antistreptolysin-O(ASLO) , Csf/Pleural Fluid and Ascitic Fluid Biochemistry.


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