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Shimla, Sept 5                                                                                                          The throwing out utensils incidence of All Mighty blessing alias Bobby ‘Vaila’ from the IGMC has made it evident now that some shadow of politics is hovering around this matter. Bobby ‘Vaila’ in January this year had leveled allegations of being victimized at the hands of IGMC administration. He had demanded that the tender of the Rain basera, which he had helped building up should be cancelled and should not be given to a single party.      Then, the IGMC administrator Dr janakraj had stated that ‘Social workers, too, need to follow law and procedures.” The Medical superintendent had questioned that how is it possible that someone build structures on government land without permission and then stake claim to it.                                                                                                                      “Agreed fact, that if something is against law and procedures, then it has to be corrected. However in the manner IGMC settled the matter by sending police and then getting the premises vacated was totally uncalled for, and evidently indicates that some politics is cooking in the matter,” stated Raghav Gupta, a citizen of Shimla. Moreover the timing of the action talks aloud, he added.  “That too,  when Bobby himself had undergone a Kydney transplant and is recovering yet.”                                                                                     “ Shame on IGMC administration,” writes Yogesh verma a Chartered accountant and citizen of Shimla, on his social media.                                                                                      Pertinent to mention that till 2014, no such free 24X7 langar facility was ever available at the State hospital. Bobby ‘Vaila’ who till that time, was performing last rites of unclaimed, unidentified bodies, took another step in his social service journey and initiated a free langar here. The then Chief Minister Virbhdra Singh, also appreciated the noble objective, and even provided them space near Cancer hospital of IGMC, to implement the same. Not only, by All Mighty blessings and state hospital, the free langar was widely supported by all in the state. In the journey Bobby even took another unique initiative and created a Roti bank for this free langar canteen, which too became a success.                                          However, then in beginning of 2021, it was known that the IGMC administration, has allocated the langar space to some other social worker or organization, and as per statements from the authorities and Bobby ‘vaila’ then, it became evident that relations were no more cordial between both.                                                                                “Question to IGMC administration, from how many years this langar sewa was going on? Why IGMC admn has not taken any action till date?” asked Preet Bobby another citizen of Shimla on his social media account. Adding,” how many times Vella Bobby was rewarded by IGMC for his services to the patients. Hardly digest this action,” he added.                          In yesterday’s incident, the IGMC admn again reiterated that the said space has been allocated to another organization (Nofel Welfare) and All Mighty blessing is trying to encroach on the said space.                                                                                            “Despite, statements by supporters of ‘All Mighty’ langar sewa, and the straight forward legal logics by the hospital administration, yet there are some points to ponder,” stated Mohinder from Khalini in Shimla. He said that if the said space was made for providing, free food, lodging and shelters to the needy, then why allocate it to only one person or organization. Agreeing with Atul, even many from IGMC staff too said that the said space is for social service, then all who want to do the same should be allowed in there. “Obviously, no one should be allowed to encroach upon the same, as it is hospital land,” they added.    Second, another citizen Sarojni questions that, was it so important to insult a highly accolade social son from Shimla like this, while settling a civil conflict.                                Perhaps it is time, the State government or Judiciary should intervene in the matter, so that noble jobs like ‘Social service’ does not get under weighed in such push and pulls fuelled by political reasons.


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