Shimla, Jan 20

Indifferently, the three farmers detained after a high voltage drama at the state capital on Tuesday, were swept out of the state border. It shall not be wrong to call it whim and fancies of the ruling class, that these three farmers from Punjab who wanted to create awareness about the alleged drawbacks of the three farms bills, were swept out of the State after detainment for more than five hours without any provocation.
The three farmers Karandeep Singh Sidhu from Amirtsar, Gurinder Jeet Singh from Bathinda and Harpir Vir from Firojpur after being released from detainment were not allowed to stay in Shimla. As per information they were swept (followed from behind) by a police van till they crossed out of the state borders.
These farmers have termed the action of the state police undemocratic and on behest of their political bosses that they were not allowed to raise voice against the allegedly draconian farm laws.

” The Government seemed to be scared of farmers’ outrage against the three farms laws as the action was in knowledge of DGP and CM also ” they alleged while talking to media.

It is astonishing, that the state branded as Devbhoomi and being promoted as a hospitality destination could be so rude to farmers, they added.
”Number of farmers from Himachal Pradesh are already at Singhu border supporting the cause as the three farms laws are also against the interest of apple growers,” said the farmers.
They said that despite the the police acting in a undemocratic way the local media was helpful to expose the atrocity being caused by the system.

It was only after the opposition Congress, CPI(M) and Shri Gurudwara Singh Sabha intervened that police released the three farmers.  
State Police giving the official version of the commotion occurred on Tuesday stating that they had a security threat and farmers were booked under section 107 and 150 but released after detaining them and before producing in front of SDM Shimla Urban.  


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