Shimla/ Nahan , May 4

This mishap occurred near district headquarter Nahan at 1930 hrs Talono village of Saeri Gram Panchayat the number of ripen wheat fields in the five bigha land caught firefrom lightening and short circuit from the high voltage line corssing over the field .
The ill-fated farmer Sandeep Thakur who have ripen wheat crop for harvest render complete loss in theincident. Soonafter the incident local people rushed to the spot to douse down the inferno a fire tender was also requisitioned however the dry and rippen crops reduce to ash with in few minutes of fire leaving nothing in the fields .   
Dharmvir Singh resident of this village told that affected farmers was feed his family with grain roundthe year however this spree left him without any single grain of wheat crop. The estimated loss of Rs one lakhto wheat crop and wheat straw (husks or Tudi used to feed the cattle) rendered in the natural mishap. 

Windstorm and lightening set five bigha wheat rain fields on fire of a ryot rendering complete loss of the crop on Sunday evening.


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