Shimla, Feb 21
The top administrative body of Himachal Pradesh University today extended the date of submission for research papers of PhD, MPhil, LLM and M.Tech, the degree of MPhil has been abolished and Geography Post Graduate degree would no longer remain Master of Science as it would be termed M.A Geography, now.
After long spell of Covid pandemic an off line Meeting of the Executive Council was held in the HPU here on Monday under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor, Acharya Sikander Kumar.
EC has approved extension of dates for M.Phil, L.L.M, M.Tech and Ph.D.. Now submission of their research work can be done upto 30th June 2022 without any additional fee.
Also the EC approved the closure of the M.Phil course in the university from 2021-22 as per the decision of the Deaning Committee and Academic Council on the basis of the New Education Policy 2020. The EC also decided that the students whose M.Phil has not been completed, a chance to complete will be provided to them.
Further, the EC approved recommendation of the Academic Council has decided to change M.Sc Geography to MA Geography.
EC has given approval for starting postgraduate course in M.Sc Chemistry, Physics and M.Com at Kailash Education Trust Bani, Badsar, District Hamirpur from the session 2021-2022
EC also approved the  appointment and promotion rules of Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies of the University and decided to place the matter  before the state Finance Committee.
The Council gave its approval to the disabled students of the university under the Equal Opportunity Policy 2021.
EC has given approval to the students doing Shastri to take the examination of Shastri classes 2020-2021 on a private basis as well.
EC has given its approval for the appointment of teachers and the appointment of officers in the university.


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