Parent in Shimla question intent of State govt over private school fee regulatory bill

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Shimla, Feb 25

Despite repeated requests, the private school fee regulatory bill was kept in a cold storage by the state government and was not passed in the last four Vidhan Sabha sessions alleged by the Parents Association Shimla.  In a media statement Ramesh Thakur, Governing body member said that parents were expecting this law to be passed in winter session. But this wait and hope has now turned into despair and frustration due to the bill not being brought to the assembly session again and again. This is a sign of insensitivity in the democratic governance system is what general public apprehends, he added.

The new academic session has started in Shimla and the state, so parents are now worried about the arbitrary increase in fees by private schools. Last year too all the private schools, flouting the instructions of the state government, had increased the fees in the second year of the Corona period in a desired manner. In that fee hike, neither the general meeting was convened as per the instructions of the Education Department nor was it properly passed from the PTA. Pertinent to mention that last year, due lockdown/curfew PTA of many schools could not be formed and therefore an air of confusion prevailed.

Parents state that many state governments such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi have taken concrete steps to provide relief to parents in their states last year. But the government of our state did not show any sensitivity on this even on the relentless request of the parents. These member of the Parents association of Shimla state that the general public want to know that what is the reason that the present government of the state is repeatedly delaying in bringing or making this bill or law?


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