Shimla, Sep 25
Exposing a major failure of the State Government in providing non-Covid health Services in the state, the Congress state committee alleged that due to defunct health services and non-availability of advance health services, patients are making exodus to PGI and 32 medical college of Punjab and border states.
Revealing a outcome from a Right to Information (RTI) report given by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Science and Research (PGI) Chandigarh, HP Congress Social Media chairman Abhishaik Rana said that out of the 70 lakh population of this hill state, patients in large numbers (lacs) are making exodus to PGI and 32 other medical colleges of Punjab and other states.
Lashing out the Govt for remaining a failure in providing non-Covid health services for various ailments and diseases to citizens, Rana said that outdoor data revealed by RTI claimed that as many as 2,27577 patients had taken services of PGI Chandigarh during 2018 and as many as 2,35657 in year 2019 .
Moreover this footfall of patients in the PGI did not stop during the Covid pandemic and lockdown. As many as 75000 non-Covid  patients registered in the PGI OPD which is a alarming figure he added. Further stating that it shows that people could get non covid services in the state and they were forced to rush during lock downs to  PGI and other hospitals.
Rana said that the state hospitals could not provide quality health services  to non covid patients and they have no option than to rush outside the state to avail MRI CT scan, BT Scan and other advance health services.
“These services are mainly not available in the state and even if they are then are defunct and lack trained staff to run them,” he added. Congress party alleged that the state Government claim of Himachal as one of the best governed states in the field of health and education is exposed from these figures.
People are making beelines in the various hospitals and Medical Colleges of Punjab and Union Territory Chandigarh Mohali and New Delhi as health infrastructure here is not sufficient to render quality or reliable health services to them in the state, he added.


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