Clearly visible that the state Congress party is moving into 2019 Lok Sabha polls in a disturbed house. Where the party on one hand, is attempting rejuvenation of ground level cadres, to confirm success, on the opposite hand party stalwarts (State president Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu and former CM Virbhdra Singh) appears to be eyeing it otherwise. Each of these 2 poles, whenever speak, show variations among one another, with even the cadres divided as of nowadays. Time demands an amendment in command because the gap between the 2 has widened on the far side repair. The party here appears to be in a perplexity of selecting amidst the state president and party’s biggest vote magnet Virbhdra Singh. 

The party that cannot realize traction without former CM Virbhdra Singh, is additionally upset concerning developing second line leadership within the state. As part of strategy they made Sukhu the party state president, however to no avail. Even on being backed through the Vidhan Sabha polls late last year, he couldn’t get the party back to power. Neither might he finish infighting with Virbhadra. Rather this conflict is adding to lobbying that currently has become a retardant for the party. Which was again witnessed on state party incharge Rajni Patil’s visit to Nagrota constituency. On Monday morning during the visit to former Transport minister GS Bali’s constituency, neither did former CM Singh arrive to back them and to add on (Sudhir and Bali supporters were heard raising slogans for their candidate to MP ticket. In the infighting, with no concentrate on opposition, it is also conjointly taking the lead.

Currently even the party central leadership is confused in the ‘Devbhoomi’. Where Virbhadra contains a verified journal, siding with him might solely more increase lobbying at intervals in the party. Therefore the party and cadres are bent to overlook Singh thus creating space for consequent generation, which appears to be the requirement of hour conjointly. As per sources the situation is attracting the central party leadership to vary guard for a more robust tomorrow.

However the question is who this new face would be ? As per sources a face somewhat younger and acceptable to all or any teams of the party is that they want. Names are creating rounds. Whereby Sukhu desires his cluster mates to require command, the opposite lobby is additionally pushing their case onerous. Kaul Singh, Rohit Thakur and Anirudh Singh are names in fray from opposed Virbhadra lobby. Alternative facet Virbhdra desires his kin to assume command. Amidst are names of Sudhir Sharma, Mukesh Agnihotri and Rajesh Dharmani who square acceptable faces within the lobbies and have expertise too. Another name currently creating rounds is Rajinder Rana from Sujanpur constituency.

It is being assumed that with a young leadership within the Center, attempting to market a brand new ideology, likelihood is that that a young ‘turk’ would be given command. The visible young brigade in fray is Rohit Thakur, Rajinder Rana, Sudhir Sharma, Mukesh Agnihotri and Rajesh Dharmani.

Sources state that Rajinder Rana tho’ could be a giant killer, who took down BJP CM candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal in the Vidhan Sabha poll, yet his opponents for the post square more competent. Agnihotri is lying low; therefore the doubtless fight remains in Sudhir, Rohit and Rajesh Dharmani.

Rohit Thakur has robust certification being successor of former CM Thakur Ram Lal, however loses out on expertise. He being from opposed Virbhdra lobby creates roadblocks of acceptance by all party cadres, purpose sources.

Rajesh Dharmani the two times MLA might be a possible incumbent. Acceptable to each fronts, carries a clean image all he lacks is that the cabinet expertise. Furthermore another impediment he represents Bilaspur space, which holds least connectedness within the state politics.

Of all, Sudhir along with his varied expertise as three time MLA, cabinet Minister, clean image and heritage of political background lies on highest ground amongst all. Acceptable face Sudhir conjointly displays a non moot image, once being cabinet minister. In these young turks, Sudhir  represents Kangra that holds additional political importance too.

Yet the ultimate incumbent would be only guess work, as it is evident that even Sudhir is eyeing MP ticket for 2019 polls from Kangra parliamentary. Tho’ sources dialogue, that if he’s appointed president it might solely increase probabilities of the party winning back that seat. 

The perplexity but reflects one incontrovertible fact that it’s time for the state congress to rethink concerning their plans and policies. Perhaps, the party ought to rethink of framing onerous set of rules, for state presidential choice through cadres instead of encouraging lobbying or pressure ways that has landed them here nowadays.


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