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Shimla, Feb 10
The management of UltraTech Cement Company at Baga Cement plant in district Solan has put the Adani group in a fix, by increasing the freight charges for cement transportation.
According to Ultratech plant management it has hiked the freight charges for cement transportation to Rs 10.71 paise per tonne per kilometer which is almost double being offered by Adani Cement plants.  Earlier this freight was Rs 10. 58 per tonne per kilometre.
The hike has dealt a blow to Adani Group’s claim that it is incurring losses by running cement factories at Dadla and Barmana due to high freight rates.
On the other hand, the agitating operators of Barmana and Darlaghat have put Adani management in the dock after this increase.
On  December 15, 2022, Adani management suddenly closed both the cement factories in the state.  Since then, nearly 7000 trucks engaged for transportation in these two cement plants are standing on the roads.
It is being believed that due to this matter, the Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu government and Adani group also strained relationship as the stand off has prevailed even after intervention of Chief minister, Deputy Chief minister, Industry Minister and top bureaucracy for more than 55 days.
Even the talks held on Wednesday and Thursday in Darlaghat and Bharmana remained in conclusive as mutually both parties could not settle the freight formula.
It has been stated by the representative of Tuck union that Adani management offered to pay Rs.9 per tonne per km but truckers are demanding Rs 10.53 and 11.43 tonnes per km Freight. Along with this, it was proposed to reduce the fare of multi axle vehicles by 30 percent from the existing freight fare, which is not acceptable to the truck unions.
A Joint Action Committee meeting of all the truck unions was held in Darlaghat today and decisions were taken on the future strategy.
Now, the committee has constituted two sub committees. One has been given the responsibility of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi to raise this issue. While the second will participate in the meeting on February 13 on the call of Chief Minister Sukhu.
Ram Kishan Sharma, former president of Baghal Land Loser Transport Cooperative Society and member of the core committee, termed the argument of Adani Group that the company is suffering loss due to the freight rates of cement transportation, as ridiculous.


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