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Receding Glaciers: Former Shimla Deputy Mayor to go hunger strike on Ridge Shimla

Shimla, Jan 28

Former Deputy Mayor Tikender Panwar joining  Sonam Wangchuk has given call to go on hunger strike at historic Ridge ground at Shimla from Monday.

In a press statement issued here today former deputy mayor of Shimla MC, Panwar said that from Monday, 30 January he would participate in a day’s hunger strike or protest dharna to ” Save the Himalayas, Secure our Future ” at the Ridge, Shimla.

He said that this is in solidarity with Sonam Wangchuk who is under house arrest for launching a five day strike in Leh on twin slogans- save Himalayan glaciers and tribal status for Ladhakis, he will join the fight. “Our issues of Himalayan people are similar”, he stated.

He further appealed fellow citizens to join the campaign with as much times as they could afford. However former Deputy Mayor said that he is going to join the hunger strike to motivate the cause of Sonam Wangchuk at Shimla , The Ridge at 10 am.

He said in the Twitter messages #ladhak #leh #himalayas #glaciers #tribal #Schedule6.

It is worthwhile to mention that Himalayan glaciers received 18.50 per cent less snowfall in 2020-21 and climatic changes are unprecedented due to taping of hydropower potential and construction of fourlane and others roads in the Himalayas. Part of it, the state of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand are already wreaking hovac as it had threateningly fragile ecology, besides muck dumping and tunnelling for such projects is posing further threat.

The recent Joshimutt tragedy is a man made diaster which not only poses challenge to sources of potable water but also causing massive displacement of people and landloser are running from pillar to post for proper compensation, resetelment and rehabilitation.

Currently half dozen of avalanches also reported in the state of Himachal Pradesh which shows the unusual trends of thawing of ice and snow in mid winters. Even though the State did not report any major snowfall in the ongoing winter season, but, yet, number of Avalanches in the Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur district appearing are, exceptional.


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