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Shimla , Nov 12
The police recovered cash tune to Rs 14 lakh from a shop of BJP MLA of Baijnath, Mulkhraj. In the matter Congress workers lodged a protest on the main square over arrest of the MLA. Congress party released a video on their whatsapp page showing police and election Commission officers sealing the currency notes. It is worthwhile to mention that complaint was filled on late Friday night about distribution of cash from Orem’s sweet shop belonged to MLA.
A press release issued here said that Rs 14 lakh cash found in Baijnath BJP MLA Premi’s sweet shop, which was being distributed to allure voters to favour the MLA in the elections. A number of Congress activists have been staging Dharna near the site. ECI confirmed recovery of more than 50 Cr cash, liquor, drugs and freebees in the election.


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