Craks are clearly visible on the lesser width road leading from Vikasnagar bus stand to SDA complex

Attracted by the charm of having a drive-in residence with parking, parks etc many citizens who bought residential plot in SDA complex at Kasumpti of Shimla are ruing their decision. With the passage of time, the SDA area got converted into a commercial complex with more than 25 directorates of the government being shifted here. The commercial complex in the past few years  has started posing different threats for its residents, who have been writing to the MC Shimla and state government but to no respite.

In a letter sent to the Secretary (Home) Shashi Bhushan and many other residents of SDA complex have sighted multiple issues. They stated that the pedestrian road leading from Vikas Nagar bus stop to SDA complex is yet incomplete causing high inconvenience for residents to walk during peak traffic hours. Adding that even the road width is not appropriate (upto 6 feet). They said even the water drain next to this road should be covered with cement covers. Currently the drain is covered with iron covers, which get stolen frequently by scrap dealers thus making it dangerous for walking and driving there, added Bhushan.

The half covered water drain is posing threat to pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Even though government offices were shifted here, but in the lacking fore sight no provisions for parking for both employees and visitors to these offices were ever created. Therefore government car/jeeps remain parked in a haphazard manner here, informed Shashi. Thus creating problems for even emergency vehicles like 108 ambulance to operate in case required, he rued. Moreover in lack of organised facilities vehicles are parked on the road leading from “Vanshira’ restaurant to Settlement office thus causing traffic congestion all the time.

He said that even law and order is a big issue here. Adding that after 6 PM the SDA complex gets converted into an open Bar or ‘Ahata’, making it difficult for women and children to walk during those hours. To add in the plight being an office complex, children are not allowed to play before 6 PM here. “Thereafter too, they have to remain caged in houses, because most government cars/jeeps parked here get converted into mini bars with no monitoring by authorities,” he informed.

Adding  that even though the MC Shimla collects around Rs 50 lakh as annual tax from the area yet encroachments by shop keepers and dhabas on walking paths is a common sight.

“ Also in defiance of the orders of High court the walls of the area are painted in yellow colour displaying vehicle numbers of government officials,” he added. The government officials have booked their parking and the residents are left to search here and there, he rued. Besides the 100 citizens (Approx) living here many from Kasumpti also suffer due to the issue. The area is the ward of current Deputy Mayor of Shimla Rakesh Kumar Sharma. When contacted he stated that has received the complaint and is looking into the matter for a solution soon. Though no timelines were committed by him.


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