A team of officials in the forest during search and rescue operation of the child attacked by the Leopard in 'Downdale' of Shimla
Shimla, Nov 6
The search team of Himachal Pradesh Police and Forest Department have recovered the body parts of toddler missing since Diwali night who might have become prey of a leopard, confirmed an police officer.
Superintendent of police Shimla Monika Bhutunguru said that on Saturday around 1500hrs body parts of child named Yograj were recovered from a forest near Ramnagar School.
The five years old boy was missing since night of Deepawali on 4-11 -2021. A joint search team of Wildlife and Police Officer were tracing the boy as he was suspected to have been taken away by some animal.
Police and local people recovered mutilated dead body parts after hard effort as some part have been recovered in the forest above the water drain between Fagli and Ram Nagar and some parts in the forest towards Khalini on the other side of Ramnagar drain.
The body parts were taken for postmortem report at IGMC as forensic expert would reveal the exact cause of death.
The victim was playing with another kid around 2230 hrs on Nov 4 when he taken away by the leopard.
DFO Shimla Ravi Kumar Sharma said that four cages were placed in the Jungle at three places to trap the man-eater after the missing of the victim.
During the search operation Rescue team found the pugs of Leopards in the near by jungle.
The father of Victim Kedarnath said that they were toiling since last 48 hrs to recover the kid alive but all hope were dashed after recovering his last remains which were mutilated beyond recognition.
Leopards often prowls in the vicinity and periphery of the town in search of pets but now such incidents are increasing when they are assaulting and preying on the kids.


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