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Shimla, Nov 23
In this battle for the run up to the Himachal Pradesh assembly, social media has been buzzing with letters, video and audio clippings, of BJP leaders. Adding to this row, another audio clipping has figured on social media today, in which BJP former MLA Renu Chadha and another BJP worker are being heard discussing the victory of the Congress party in the contest.
In the clipping, Chadha can be heard saying that she made a call to BJP candidate Rakesh Pathania who expressed deep concern about being defeated in Fathepure Assembly. Chadha stated that Rakesh Pathania did not get a positive response from people while asking for votes. Chadha added that the former Forest Minister was on the verge of defeat as the party put him fray outside his Assembly Constituency. She also said that Congress is expected to return to power and Asha Kumari would win from Dalhousie.
The BJP leaders also said that in the following delimitation process, 68 Assembly Constituencies would be converted to 80 ACs and Dalhousie, which has the maximum number of voters likely to become reserved—adding that Churah, which is currently reserved for SC is going to become open.
In the clip, the BJP leaders are being heard stating that the unfair distribution of tickets and putting the wrong candidate in the fray might cost dearer to the ruling party more.
A couple of days prior, the BJP had to face a letter from a Kangra leader, which too went viral on social media. Congress rebel and party Candidate Pawan Kajal in Kangra wrote this letter to BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda alleging that party leader and workers are indulged in anti-party activity against him. In a two paged complaint addressed to JP Nadda, Kajal stated that the anti-party actions of the chief office bearers and leaders of Kangra Assembly Constituency and their functioning seem inappropriate. He said that Kangra Mandal BJP is divided into several groups which are united for their selfishness as opposed to the interest of the party. Pertinent to mention here that the Saffron party, which tried to owe the Congress leader in Kangra, agitated the party’s senior cadre and brass, which might be spelling doom on the BJP’s future here.

“I assure you that the BJP would win the assembly constituency, but it is also imperative to inform you about the anti-party activities done by key office bearers and leaders so that the party does not weaken in Kangra in future,” added Kajal in the letter.
He said that Munish Sharma has been ruling the Kangra AC autocratically for the last 5yrs without winning the election.” If his activities are probed, such facts will emerge which would expose the dark deeds. ” he alleged. The party leaders worked against the organisation with full mind, body, and money to defeat the BJP candidate. He has offered 20 lakhs to the village heads, and if needed, evidence could be presented, wrote Kajal. With his money power, he has openly helped the candidates of Congress in the Kangra assembly constituency and Nagrota Bagwa and Jwalamukhi, who were affected by the caste politics, alleged Kajal. Adding that this person is of Congress background and Kangra’s Congress candidate is his priority. He has given full financial assistance and helped an independent candidate with crores of rupees so that the BJP candidate gets defeated.
Kajal also complains about Ramesh Brar, a prominent liquor contractor and the president of Kagra Zilla ParishadBrar is helping Congress candidates with funding.
Seeking action against party office bearers, Kajal said that he would retain the seat after winning it, but for the sake of the bright future of the party, the party should consider his request to take disciplinary action against the party’s hidden rebels.


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