Shimla, Oct 8
South West Monsoon has withdrawn from Himachal Pradesh, informed Indian Meteorological Department in a weather bulletin here on Friday. Monsoon got active here on Jun 13 and has withdrawn today which was normal, they added.
The Met Office spokesperson said that monsoon has withdrawn from some more parts of Gujarat, some parts of Madhya Pradesh, most parts of Rajasthan, entire Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and some parts of Uttar Pradesh today, 08th October 2021.
Monsoon withdrawal is delayed by 14 days as the normal date of departure is September 25. Currently withdrawal line now passes through Dwarka, Mehsana, Udaipur, Kota, Gwalior, Hardoi and Latitude 30 degrees North and Long. 81 degrees East, they added.
Total Cumulative Rainfall during Monsoon season (that is from 1st June to 30th Sep 2021)  was 686.5 mm with deviation of 10 per cent less than the Long Period Average (763.5 mm Comparison of Monsoon performance with previous years.
Month wise this monsoon was excess by 34 pc (1713 mm that of normal 1277 mm) in
September, and six pc ( 289.2 mm that of 273 mm) excess in July and 44 pc (146.5 mm that of 262.3 mm) in August and 16 pc ( 84.6 mm that of 100.5 mm) less in June, 2021.
This monsoon witnessed six very heavy to Extremely Heavy rainfall on July 11, 12, 13 , 19
and 30 and August 20, and Sep 24, 2021. About 15 people died (drowned or flashblood hit) due to extremely heavy rainfall on July 13 as Shahpur in Kangra had 264 mm, Dharmshala
229.6 mm and Palampur 210 mm rainfall.  Extremely heavy rainfall also occurred in
Palampur on July 19 recorded 230 mm. Sirmaur had 164 5 mm rainfall on Aug 20 and
Naina Devi 180.6 mm in Naina Devi in Bilaspur.
Last year in year 2020, Monsoon had withdrawn from Himachal Pradesh on 30th
September 2020 with a Cumulative rainfall of 567.2 mm which was 27 per cent less from LPA value.
Year wise monsoon was 10 per cent less in 2019 (685.5 mm ), 12 pc excess in 2018(927 mm), 13 per cent less in 2017(719.9 mm) and 28 pc less in 2016 (624.5 mm) and 27 pc less in 2015(638.3) mm.
Lahaul Spiti remained driest district this year with 69 pc deficient with 1228 mm that of normal 394.7 mm rainfall and Chamba was 44 pc deficient with 588.6 mm that 1051.8 mm. Whereas, Kullu was most wet in the monsoon season recorded 40 pc excess cumulative rainfall (707.7 mm that of 504.1 mm).
Ten districts got normal or barely less than normal rainfall. Mandi had 11 pc excess rainfall (1174.7 mm that of 1061.9 mm), Shimla nine pc excess ( 698.5 mm that 643.6 mm), Bilaspur one per cent more ( 881.2 mm that of 873.9 mm), Hamirpur three pc less (993.1 mm that of 1019 mm), Kinnuar  six pc less ( 235.7 mm that of 251.7 mm), Kangra eight pc less (1467.7 mm that of 1595.9 mm), Solan 11 pc less  (874.5 mm and 983.1 mm.) and Una and Sirmaur 14 pc  less (1161.8 mm that 1350.1 mm) and (709.4 mm and 820.2 mm) respectively.


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