Shimla, Nov 12
Facing stiff opposition from other political parties in the state for increasing the prices of
subsidized food items under the Public Distribution System to the above Poverty line (APL) families Jai Ram Thakur state Government took u-turn today by deciding to resume the subsidy on the selected food items to be paid earlier in the under the PDS.
Confirming this in a notification issued here today a spokesperson of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department said that State Government  took a decisions today to revoke the withdrawn subsidy on flour and rice to income tax payers forthwith.
State Government had earlier decided to discontinue the subsidy on food grains to the income tax payers, but now the Government has decided to provide flour and rice at subsidized rates to the income tax payers. ”Such households who pay income tax to be provided oil, pulses, salt and sugar at non subsidised rate under State Subsidy Scheme in the PDS outlets.

The ration cards of income tax payees which were blocked earlier have also been unblocked paving the way to them to avail subsidized flour and rice from depots again, the spokesman added.

State Government also assured that as soon as the prices of pulses, oil, salt and sugar would be fixed, the income tax payer families can also get these items from the depots.

The State Government have to face the wrath of opposition parties as they blamed them for continue food subsidy to many senior administrative officer under the PDS system.
State Government is bearing additional subsidy on the pulses, refined  and mustard oil in addition to supply of PDS food items, Sugar, Flour and rice to such beneficiaries by the center funded scheme.


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