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Shimla, Dec 17
Himachal Pradesh High court taking suo moto cognizance in a Public Interest Litigation on the Covid Pandemic today directed the state Government to open post Covid Out Patient Department centre in the state Hospital to provide health care to Covid negative and and follow up health services to Covid discharged patients.
This order was passed by the Principal Division bench of  High Court of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday comprising of Chief Justice Mr L Narayana Swamy and Justice Anoop Chitkara directing the state and advocate General to make submission on the order on next date fixing matter for hearing on Dec 22.
The court said that most patients who have been cured, tested negative for Covid, fail to take proper care and sometimes may need check up, therefore there is a need for Post Covid OPD centers for such patients.
Earlier today court after hearing the counsel for the parties and having thoughtful consideration on the issue  observed and directed the Government to find the viability to provide diet food to the patients, like diabetic, old aged and children. The court further held that to provide immediate and sufficient required attention to vulnerable Covid patients . The court said that Government after taking into consideration the condition of the individual patients has to take a decision as to whether the patient requires a personal attendants or not and in case the Govt and Management is of the opinion that a particular
patients requires an individual or personal attendant. In that event by collecting the relevant particulars, a certificate or a pass has to be issued to the attendant, to the attendant of that particular patient enabling him or her to have excess to the patients for providing required assistance.
Court said that it was brought in  notice of court today that Covid care centres , the uniform food is provided or distributed to all the patients in general which may not be suitable to all the patients.
In respect of such patients it would be appropriate for the Govt to take decisions to allow such patients to have home food and special food.
Earlier the court has also directed the state government to provide the sufficient staff and depute doctors in the rural health centres. Court also directed the state to ensure time bound function of makeshift Covid hospital and sufficient wards and beds for Covid and non Covid patients in the Hospital.
State Government submitted the compliance report on Dec 10 in the matter submitting more than 140 paged affidavit in this regard .


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