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Shimla, May 6

“People are being informed that the HP Police will strictly enforce the guidelines issued the Govt. of HP yesterday on 05/05/2021,” stated a media brief by the State police today. Adding,” Govt. of HP has decided that with effect from 6 AM on 07/05/2021 Corona Curfew will be imposed in the entire Himachal Pradesh to break the chain of Covid-19 pandemic,” it stated.

Advising general public to adhere guidelines strictly the DGP Sanjay Kundu stated that all police personnel in the districts have been directed to take strictest possible action for the following violations:

  1. For violation of transport guidelines and exceeding limit of 50% occupancy of the capacity of the vehicle, FIR under section 188IPC& DM Act shall be registered and fine @ ₹5000 will be imposed as per section 115 of the HP Police Act. Vehicle would also be impounded by the police. The persons traveling in the vehicles shall wear face masks or the violators will be fined @ ₹1000 as per section 115 of the HP Police Act.
  1. For violation of limit of 20 persons for marriages, FIR under 188IPC, DM Act shall be registered and fine @ ₹5000under the HP Police Act will be made. Action will also be taken against Bhottis and tenthouses. No dham is to be organised for any purposes including marriage.

All permissions related to marriage by the DCs would be conveyed to concerned SDPOs and SHOs who would in turn make phone calls to marriage organisers, Bhottiand tenthouses to verify number of persons present during the marriage etc for further legal action. The SDPOs and SHOs will also counsel the organisers to not to violate the Corona Curfew guidelines issued by the Govt. of HP.

  1. FIR under appropriate sections of IPC and DM Act will be registered against persons entering the State with fake details and wrong Covid Negative report etc. Such persons may also be arrested by the police.
  1. For violations of mandatory wearing of Mask or wearing it below nose/mouth fine @ ₹1000/- would be imposed under section 115 of the HP Police Act. If such offence is repeated then person would be arrested and HP Police would request the court for 8 days imprisonment of the offender.
  1. Social distancing guidelines including provision of queue with earmarked white circles at proper distances for customers at all shops, that have been allowed to remain open till 6 PM every day, will be strictly implemented by the shopkeepers and strict action will be taken against violator shopkeepers and customers by the police.
  1. For violation of any other guideline issued by the Govt. of HP on 30/04/2021 and 05/05/2021 FIR under section 188IPC&DM Act will be registered and fine will be imposed as per section 115 of the HP Police Act.

Needless to say that the police do not want to be harsh towards public, transporters, marriage and function organisers, persons entering the State, those not wearing face masks and not observing social distancing etc. Therefore, general public is advised ahead of time to follow all Corona Curfew guidelines,” stressed the media brief.


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