Shimla, July 29

In Himachal Pradesh, a case has come to the notice of the Health Department from Baddi, District Solan, which has shown drying symptoms of scabs on hands and feet, stated a spokesperson of the health department, while referring to reports of a patient suspected of having ‘Monkeypox’.

Certain media reports had surfaced stating that a person based in Baddi of Solan district of HP has been reported to have been infected with ‘Monkey-pox’.

“These symptoms are found in diseases like pox (chicken pox, small pox or other pox),” they added. Although the symptoms have been more than 21 days and now they are getting better, they informed.

As a precautionary measure, this person has been isolated and surveillance is being done in the surrounding areas in which no such case has come to light yet, stated the health spokesperson. “According to the guidelines related to Monkeypox by the Government of India, while investigating this matter, it has been found that the patient do not have any foreign travel history. “Yet, samples have been sent to NIV Pune lab for further clarity,” added the spokesperson.
Giving further information, the spokesperson urged that do not get confused or scared about monkeypox. They said that getting correct and fact-based information, shall help control the chances of infection by acting in sync with suggested guidelines for monkeypox virus. If you experience any of the above symptoms, seek medical advice immediately, these symptoms can also be of any other disease, so there is a need to maintain alertness, and restraint, they added.


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