A 13 feet retaining wall will be required to hold the sinking zone on the historic Ridge of Shimla. Experts beleive that the primary reason for sinking is the seepage of water on this side of the Ridge. They state that to repair it first solid land has to dug below it and from there concrete landfill has to be achieved. Those employed to the task have accessed that a 13 feet dig will be required to reach solid mud surface from where a retaining wall with concrete landfill will have to done to permanently repair the portion of the Ridge. However for the purpose the Tibetan market situated below will have to be vacated first to avoid an undue risk of damage to life or property. Officials inform that the market will have to be vacated by March hereafter work of re-strengthening the historic landmark can begin.
Noteworthy that one portion opposite Gaiety theater has been sinking since 2008. Temporary solutions have been tried but nothing worked out.Therefore a team of experts from IIT Rourkee has been contracted to find a permanent solution. The report of these experts is awaited.


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