Shimla, May 10

Himachal Pradesh health fepartment claimed that it has 433 oxygenated and 59 intensive care unit(ICU) vacant in the state and there is no shortage of beds in the state hospitals, said the Government in a health bulletin here today.
Nodal Officer of Covid 19 and Secretary Health Amitab Avasthi said that out of 2138 total beds in the state as many as 1834 are supported by medical Oxygen and 244 are beds are ICUs . He said that total beds vacant inthe state are 492 including 433 oxygenated and 49 ICUs beds. 
He said that Indira Gandhi Medical colleges have total 302 bed out of which 264 bed are available with oxygen and 38 with ICUs. Only five beds of Oxygenated are available  however all beds of ICU are occupied.
In Dr Rajinder Prassad Medical College Tanda there are 127 total beds out of which 67 are oxygenated and 60 with ICUs. All beds are occupied there is no vacancy.
In Zonal Hospital Dharmshala there are 175 total beds available all are supported with Oxygen but no beds have ICU facility, 15 oxygenated bed are vacant.
In Shri Lal Bhadur Shastri Govt Medical College Nerchowk there are total 218 beds out of which 168 are oxygenated and 50 ICU. There are only 33 oxygenated beds available but no beds of ICUs are available. 
In Pt Jawhar Lal Nehri Govt Medical College Chamba has 85 total beds out of which 70 are oxygenated and 15 with ICU facilitythere are 35 vacant available in the medical college including 22 oxygeneated and 13 ICUs.
in Civil Hospital Dalhousie are are 37 total bed avaiable out of which 33 are linked with Oxgen and four with ICUs. Sixteen beds are vacant in the hospital including 12 of oxgenated and four ICUs.
In Civil Hospital Rohru there are 65 total beds out of which 58 linked with Oxygen and seven in ICUs. 47 total beds are vacant including 40 with oxygen and seven ICUs. 
In Dr RKGMC Hamirpur therea re 36  total beds 30 oxygenated and six ICUs . All the 36 beds are vacant. In Make Shift Hospital Paikawah in Una district there are 76 total beds out of which 55 are oxgenated and 21 with ICUs. there are 44 beds vacant including 23 in oxygen and 21 with ICUs. 
Few Oxygenated and ICU beds are reported vacant in Civil Hospital Ghumarwin in Bilaspur and Haroli in Una district.


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