Shimla, March 30 – Active COVID cases in HP: 391% increase in past 9 days

Over the past 9 days, Himachal Pradesh has seen a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, with a 391% increase in active cases. This alarming trend highlights the need for continued vigilance in following public health guidelines and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is worth noting that the state had become COVID-free on February 1, but has since seen a resurgence of cases. Since early week of this month infection resurgence is being noted at a higher rate than before.

COVID cases cross five hundred mark, 574 active in HP

The recent increase in cases is reflected in the positivity rate of tests conducted on March 29, which was 5.8% in Himachal. This means that nearly 6% of all COVID tests performed on that day were positive. Total 4267 people were tested and 255 were found positive.

Tracking the percentage of positive cases is an important metric in understanding the spread of the virus in your area. Noteworthy, that currently the Nation-wide positivity rate is reportedly, ranging around 2-3 percent.

Overall since 2020, over 5 million people in the State have been tested for COVID, with around 6% (313952) testing positive.

As of now, there are only eight active case patients who have been admitted to the hospital, which is a sigh of relief. However, it is essential to continue monitoring the situation and following public health guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Currently, the maximum number of active cases is in Kangra with 189 cases, followed by Mandi with 164 cases. The capital city Shimla has 127 active cases, Solan 68, Hamirpur 59, Bilaspur 48, Kullu 29, Chamba 23, Sirmpur 20, and Una 5. Even the tribal districts have not been spared, with Kinnaur having 12 active cases, and Lahaul & Spiti having 11.

Sadly, since 2020, 4196 people in the region have lost their lives due to COVID-19, out of 313952 people who have tested positive. This highlights the severity of the situation and the importance of taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

COVID alert sounded by HP Govt


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