Adamant BJP should repeal 3-farms laws : Cong

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Shimla, Mar 16

Congress member of assembly demanded that instead of being adamant the BJP government should repeal the three farms laws.

Congress members who had brought a cut motion on the supplementary grants of Agriculture department demanded while speaking in the state
assembly on Tuesday.

Senior member of Congress Asha Kumari said that BJP Government
which is following anti-farmer polices is trying to weaken the minimum sport price (MSP) and APMC markets despite the fact that farmers are vehemently opposing these laws.

She said that revently, Governor of Meghalaya has stated that centre government is doing injustice with farmer by imposing three farms law on them. She said that White maize in here assembly segment has got the genome award should be given Geographical Indicators as the White Maize Salooni Sangathan has applied with the IT
department to get GI status.

She said that state Government should replace the plastic sheet of poly-houses which has been damaged due to the rough weather and stormy
condition. Congress member Ram Lal Thakur said that BJP government
should understand the concerns of farmers who are protesting on Delhi
border for last three months.

He said that leaving aside adamant attitude Modi Government should repeal the farms law in interest of farmers. Thakur said that government should provide incentives and knowledge to farmer to diversify their crops for increase in income.

Member said that farmers must be encouraged to grow flowers and other
diversified crops. The Member said that
Government is providing subsidy on the power tillers however this
provisions also is forcing the farmers to astray the ox. He said that
Government should adopt new agriculture polices in wholes-tic fashion
so that it did not cause any adverse impact on the farming

Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar wanted to extend the proceeding of house
after its schedule this afternoon however Congress member Asha
Kumari said that discussion on the cut motion could not run according
to the rule of assembly.

The discussion on the Agriculture cut motion would continue in the
assembly tomorrow as it was adjourned at 1700hrs on Tuesday.


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