Shimla, Jul 29

Himachal Pradesh Police sounded an advisory to the apple growers not to get allured or fall in trap of exploitative commission agents/traders while selling their produce on the offer of high prices.
DIG Crime Bimal Gupta said in a press statement issued here today that Special Investigation Team 
constituted by the High court of Himachal Pradesh last year is taking strong cognizance on exploitation of apple growers by the many absconding commission agents or traders .
He said that 1305 FIRs were lodged by the SIT which was consituted on May 4, 2019 by the state police. SIT succeed to disposed off as many as 870 cases and 107 cases are under  investigation. 
On the basis of registered cases or complaint SIT succeeded to ensure the release of pending payments from such commission agents , tunes to Rs ten Crore and investigation on other 475 complaints are on progress.
SIT is issuing notice to the Commission agents to join porbe in the cases. Gupta said that after the getting the pending dues and police action on the exploitive commission agents farmers of the state are happy and are praising the role of SIT. 
SIT leader and SP Varinder Kaliya and other officers which have made a Whatapp group are getting greeting from the farmers after getting payment of pending dues every day. 
He informed that SIT is working like a frontline warrier to ensure justice with the farmers during the pandemic and its two members during their Rampur visit also contracted with the Novel Corona Virus. 
DIG said that action of state police gave a strong message to such middleman quakes and antisocial elements who are exploiting the apple growers during the season. He assured the farmers that such practice would not be allowed to repeat in the future and farmers should remained vigilant by not falling in trap of such people who could allure them for offering the high prices .
SIT also highlighted some lapses on part of apple growers while marketing their produce. SIT said that farmers should sell or trade their crop with registered and faith worthy commission agents and they should keep alert from offering high price or profit middleman,commission agents. 
Apple growers should sell crop through commisson agents keeping his past experience and pending dues in mind.
Before selling the crops farmers should ensure that commission agent has valid license or is verified by the police for credentional.  The produce should be marketed thourgh such commission agents who have capcity to pay farmer  there and then. 
Farmer should tranport his crop through registered through Unions. Before hiring any vehicle for transport farmer should verify the driver and requiste doucments with him and also keep the copy of such documents and inform the police immediately in case of any  excigency. 
Farmer should prohabit the apple trading on the road side commssion agents, middlemen or traders , he added.


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