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Shimla, July 29

Number of citizens of Himachal Pradesh have ridiculed the State Government survey for seeking public opinion to impose another lock down in the hill state. Number of social media posts by citizens of hill state showed simmering wrath and disappointment against the government for posturing to seek public opinion on the issue.

A social media post appeared on the face book from account of a state noted singer and progressive woman Seema Arzoo put a satire on the Government. The post pointed some of the decisions of Jai Ram Government while asking the latter if they had been taken on the basis of similar opinion or not.  Post says that whether the public had been consulted before increasing the salaries and allowances of Government functionaries or not. Whether public was consulted before hiking the bus fare or buying new Vehicles for the Government’s own use. In the post the singer alleged that the Government is now trying to push the burden of lock down on the public by taking such posturing.

Screen shot of the post by the singer

Similar voices could be heard if one talk to various sections of people in the public domain. Another Puneet Rajta, an orchardist from Kotkhai, said, “Did the government seek public opinion when it allowed tourists to enter Himachal or when the CM promoted Himachal as a quarantine destination? What plans does the government have for apple growers and what will growers do now that the apple season has begun?” he questioned in a media statement.

It is absurd to think of lock down in the state when the Union Government is going to open the Cinema hall, Gym Schools and other public places, a resident of town told HimachalScape on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur quoted in the section of media that he is waiting for public opinion to go for another lockdown or not. Government sources said that the decision is likely to be taken in the next cabinet meeting, scheduled to be held in a couple of days.


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