Shimla, Jan 11
After delay in cabinet induction, the Sukhu government now seems to be affixed in portfolio allotment. Sukhu took Oath as Chief Minister about a month ago on December 11,2022. However it inducted the council of ministers on January 9 and now even after passing of three days no portfolios have been allotted to the newly inducted seven ministers and six CPS.
Media and public at large are waiting anxiously for the Sate government to unfold the portfolios of the CoMs. On the very day the ministers took oath, a fake list went viral on social media but no one confirmed it, so far. Barring Chief Minister who holds portfolio of Finance, Planning, Personal, home affairs and general administration and Deputy Chief minister Mukesh Agnihotri looking after Transport, Jalshakti or IPH and Language Arts and Culture, no Minister so far knows why they have been elevated.
Sukhu who is leader of a Secular National outfit may seemed to have fallen in the binary of, astrologers and bureaucracy. Critics believe that the State bureaucracy seems to be taking a two sided stand by showing its strength with Sukhu as well as with the opposition by supplying vital information to them about winding up or Denotification of Institutions.
Political pandits are of the opinion that the new government is bound to announce OPS and ten guarantees in its very first cabinet meeting is seemingly avoiding it being treading on highly slippery pitch. They want fulfil their manifesto promise, and therefore were relying on the bureaucracy to guide them the path ahead.
People especially employees are still reposing their faith in the government. Many in government service feel that though the government is moving slow but it is better than former. In olden times, the government(s) used to work in continuity but nowadays double engine and single engine government is the new concept or to say rule of the game.
Now the quest is will the ‘Sukhu’ government despite being a single engine, succeed? Is the State and the new Congress Government relying on the  financial prudence of bureaucracy?
Most of the citizens in the State are pondering upon these new questions which need answers. Moreover, it is evident that power is not a cake walk for the new regime. The upcoming first budget by ‘Sukhu’ government will predict the state of affairs and test the governance and wisdom of the Congress rule. Perhaps the days of political transformation may have financial implications.


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