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Animal bite: Dog taming becomes Dear in Shimla

Shimla, Sept 30,

In the recent meeting of the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC), Councillor Monica Chandel raised concerns about the rising number of dog bite incidents in the city, affecting both children and the elderly. She emphasized the need for a solution to this issue, as stray dogs were not only posing a threat to residents but also causing a civic menace by littering the streets with waste.

Mayor Surendra Chauhan acknowledged the severity of the problem, highlighting the increasing cases of monkey and dog bites. To generate additional revenue for managing the civic body’s operations, Mayor Chauhan announced a hike in the annual fee for keeping a dog in the Municipal Corporation area, increasing it from Rs 500 to Rs 1000.

Mayor Chauhan expressed frustration over the absence of some MC officers during the meeting and issued notices to ensure their attendance in future meetings.

Various other issues were raised by a group of councillors during the meeting. Lower Bazaar Councillor Umang Banga addressed the problem of insufficient parking in local markets, affecting local traders. Additionally, concerns were voiced about vehicles from other states and distant areas violating prohibitory orders and using sealed roads without permits, while those with valid permits struggled to find suitable parking spots.

Councilor Saroj Thakur raised concerns about the arbitrary recruitment of drivers in the SMC and requested more information on the matter.

The councillors also highlighted the issue of disrupted streetlights in many areas, particularly after heavy rainfall and snowfall, which led to uprooting of trees and branches. They called for a resolution to be passed by the Municipal Corporation Shimla and sent to the Forest Department to address the problem by trimming branches that obstructed streetlights.

In a unanimous decision, the house passed a resolution, emphasizing that the Forest Department should take responsibility for ensuring that branches from trees, or unsafe trees near power supply lines, are pruned and removed to maintain uninterrupted power supply throughout the city.


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