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Solan, June 30

Following reports about heavy influx of tourists and travelers and their subsequent involvement in violating the laws in Ashwani rivulet at Sadhupul, the district magistrate  imposed section 144 Cr.PC, restricting the entry in river area under Kandaghat sub division of the district, on Tuesday. The district magistrate Kritika Kulhari in her order has banned movement of all persons and commercial activities in and around Ashwani rivulet area adjacent to Sadhupul with immediate effect.

District Magistrate Solan in exercise of the powers conferred Section 144 of the Criminal Penal Code, ordered that there will be a complete ban on running and setting up of food stalls, kiosks, dhabas, hotels etc. on the banks of Ashwani rivulet where there is a possibility of contamination of water.  There will be a complete ban on organizing activities like bathing and picnics in the river.

Besides, the district magistrate further ordered and prohibited throwing of any kind of garbage on the banks of the river or in the water. It has been further ordered that Ashwani rivulet is the source of drinking water for Solan city and surrounding areas and reports are pouring that tourists and other visitors have been polluting the water source by organizing activities like picnics.

Such activities can prove to be injurious to health of people;   Such activities can also cause major damage to life and property due to sudden rise in the water level of the river. It has been further ordered that strict action will be taken against the culprits for violation of these orders. These orders have come into force with immediate effect and will remain in force for a period of two months from today.

It is worth while to mention here that Ashwani khud is tributory of Yamuna river as it join Giri and Pubbar river in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

According to Pullution Act and Water (Protection and pollution control)Act 1974 there is mandatory provisions for construction of Liquid Waste Treatment Plant(STP) for every hotel and big enterprise, near by, so that polluted water is not released in the river. It is unfortunate that most of states in the country do not abide the provisions and such places become den of corruption for the concerned authorities which is allowing blatent violation of the Act .


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