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“When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair their nets”

This is such an apt quote for all of in times of today. Even under ‘lock-down’  I believe Travel & Hospitality has to be celebrated not only for the joy it brings, but also for the Industry that it sustains.

As you read , some of you are from the profession, some are travellers seeking advise , bloggers and critics but for sure each one on board , is passionate about travel . Which is why, for some of us this is a way to make a living while for some it is a mere luxury to indulge in.

 With COVID – 19 we all are speaking and reading, about so many expected changes in our life styles that will change the way we work, live and even aspire from here on . But above all this, will we become more responsible towards life and hold ourselves individually accountable for the catastrophe, we are all experiencing? We have not reached this far, by the doing of  one  individual or segment of the society. Rather  as a whole and as Humanity, we have brought us to where we are . There was life before COVID-19 and there will be a life after COVID-19 as well. How are we wanting to bring the difference towards a more sustainable tomorrow ?

 We all need to take baby steps and some very large leaps to start making the difference . Unfortunately the time is not on our side and we need to make the most of what is left of it. As an industry and a fraternity of hospitality we need to change the way, we operate and the way our guests consume the services offered. While we are all affected with this pandemic, hospitality as an  Industry has been brought down to its knees. It has to be understood that hospitality also holds the highest interest as a form of rejuvenation and entertainment in this world. In this extremely competitive world and in this chase in the maze, of making ends meet, hospitality evolved at a pace parallel to any other industry in the Globe .

The harder the people work today the more craved they are for a me time / down time / a Vacation / a break. Behaviours have changed right from grabbing a drink after work at a neighbourhood bar to blow the steam away to planning a family vacation and offsite meetings have become a norm in the working culture.

Indians have grown as some of the most demanding luxury  guests in the world to the largest consumers of the local markets. Reason that we have a very diverse economic strata in the society.  In nut shell hospitality  has become a vital part of our needs and for sure a major part of the expenses we make from our earnings, makes the industry a vital part for the economy, globally.

This is so much a part of the lives of people, that we  even have financial institutions offering staggered payment options to help everyone plan and live a vacation of their choice . Having said that,it brings us to re-Imagine and understand that Hospitality Industry may have come to halt but will definitely be the one of first to start back again. There is not just hope but logical reasons for it to happen. There was times before Corona #Hospitality BC and we shall see times after Corona #Hospitality AC.

To be continued…

Writer is a hospitality professional. Views expressed are personal.


  1. Immersive, interesting and imbibate! Throughly enjoyed the read Raghav, this contemporary portrait hits the nail in the head. Rightly put, World here after will never be the same again and there lies a new and steep learning curve ahead of us. Thanks for penning this piece, hope to see more material out soon.

    • Thank you for your feedback . It is a step forward to build Baby Steps as a community who wants to see a better tomorrow . An effort in the right direction will help us all towards building a better tomorrow


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