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On the lines of Delhi and Haryana the Himachal Pradesh government should also waive-off  fees for the quarter of March to May 2020 in private schools .

Convenor and co-convenor of the Student Parents Forum Vijendra Mehra and Bindu Joshi  said that the state governments of Delhi and Haryana have waived the fees of students studying in private schools from March to May 2020. These governments have ordered that no private school will charge any fees other than tuition fees in these three months. It has also been clarified in the order that tuition fees should not be taken from the children of nursery, LKG and other small classes who are not studying online.

Adding, they stated that if the State Government and the Directorate of Education fail to give such orders in Himachal Pradesh, then the State High Court should implement its decision given in the context of private schools in year 2016 and prevent the robbery of private schools.The forum requested the court to take self-cognizance in the matter and provide relief to parents by waiving this quarterly fee.

Mehra said that private schools are robbing parents heavily. He said non-tuition fees account for forty per cent of the total fees demanded by private schools from March to May 2020. He said that parent will get a big respite if the government announces a waiver of miscellaneous charge (Which are already not allowed as per order of High court), smart class room charge and computer fees.

He said that even if the private schools recover half the annual fees, they will be able to earn profit. Therefore there arguments about money shortage for staff salary and other expenses (if fee not paid) holds no traction,” added Mehra.

He informed that last year through three notifications, the Director of Higher Education had ordered private schools to implement the decision of the Himachal High Court i.e ban heavy fees and return the overcharged fees to the parents or to be included in the next installment, but barring formation of PTA non of the other decisions were implemented in private schools, he concluded.


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